these babies are waiting for mama to pick them up!

  1. so i'm at work and my sister calls me to tell me that there's a fedex doortag for me.. yay it's my new chanel goodies! i'll pick them up when i get off work tonight and try to post pix asap! i know you ladies are anxious to see what i got..
  2. oooh sammix, what is coming !!!

    so excited for you :smile:
  3. Waiting for the pics here.

  4. Ooh! Love pics.
  5. I wanna see too :yes::yahoo::graucho:
  6. Drumroll. . . . .
  7. Hurry, hurry.
  8. yay i just picked them up! i didnt even realize that i posted this in the shopping thread lol. let me start a brand new thread on the main chanel page with pictures!