These are what causing me to eat in for the next month...Lots of Pics!!

  1. I received not only 1, but 2.5 bags yesterday.

    I finally got my Tomato City, Anthra Work, and Tomato Coin Purse.
    Tomato is such a gorgeous ripe strawberry color....I detect no orange undertones at all, if anything, it's almost pinkish. The leather on this bag is absolutely divine, just like my Anthra City. So wrinkly, fluffy, marshmallowy....Mmm:drool:

    The reason why I got Anthra Work even though I have it in the City already is because I am head over heels in love with the color!!!!!! Besides, my Work has different leather and color from my City. The color of my Work is darker slate blue-gray...and it almost looks silver-ish in certain lighting. Whereas my City is lighter and is more blue/green.

    The leather on my Work is fabulous now...after conditioning it with Cetaphil(it was dry/crackly when she first arrived), she turned soft smooshy, wrinkly puddle of leather. Yay!:yahoo:

    I posted some comparison pics of 2 of my Anthras. You can really tell the difference in leather and the color.
    It's such a chameleon color:heart:

    I can't get enough of Anthracite. Can you tell?:graucho:

    Anthracite Work in natural light


    This one is taken with flash.

  2. More...

    Tomato City




    Comparison shots between 2 Anthras



  3. W:wtf::nuts::yahoo:wza!! Congrats!
  4. You know you are killing me right? lol
  5. south-of-france: Thanks:heart::cutesy::heart:

    starsnheven: :whistle:
    You know you want them:graucho:
  6. :drool::drool::drool:
    Gorgeous X 3 !!!
    Congrats! I love love love both of your Anthracites sooo much!! Maybe I need this colour?:shrugs:
  7. Congratulations Tooshies. Beautiful bags, especially :heart: the city tomato!

    Enjoy! :yahoo:
  8. Beautiful bags! Seeing all these tomato coin purses may sway me towards one of them instead of a violet one!
  9. chewy!! thats all im gona say!! congrats
  10. Wowza! Just beautiful - I love how the grays and reds look together - some of my favorite colors to wear in the fall/winter season! The leather is gorgeous on each and every one! Congratulations!!!
  11. :nuts::nuts::nuts: CONGRATS "K" tooshies!!! you really are an anthra addict! but I'm :drool::drool::drool: over your tomato city more, the leather looks soooooo yummy I could chew her! from the pics I've seen of tomato lately I'm really considering ending my hunt for 05 RT and get the tomato instead! either in work or city... oh btw, you have too many anthras! one is MORE than enough for you! I vote you chuck the anthra city out and let me know your address in Sydney! :graucho:
  12. Girl, you are KILLING me!!!!! I think I am going to hire you as my personal shopper!!!! :nuts: Each and every bag you get is AMAZING!!!! Now, for dinner, might I suggest Ramen Noodles?? :graucho: 20 meals for $1.00 :roflmfao:
  13. Tooshies : I can't resist.....ANTHRA work? OMG....I WANT IT! She's so lovely....l've been fallin in love with this color. Can i still get it? I betta start callin the stores to check on that now......that's goes my purse BAN!

    Your new Tomato work & coin purse are killing me....i wasn't so keen on this color after seein this. hmmm...i think it will look great in MU clutch, i shld stop dreaming! PLS HELP...hehehehe
  14. Ohhhh my! The Tomato is making me drool...:drool:. Tooshies your collections is just TDF ....with these yummies.... well, can it get any better. CONGRATS!
  15. Gorgeous, congrats, well worth eating in for :smile: