These are the days of our lives.....~~~come see!

  1. HEEHEE~ whaddya think when you read the title?

    It amazes me what kind of junk people sell on *bay- especially JUNK like bbags! :lol::upsidedown::nogood:

    Presenting my 2005 Teal Twiggy! :yahoo:The best part! Bought it for 1/2 off retail (shipped)!!!!!!!!:woohoo::love: :upsidedown: The bag is lighter in these pictures b/c of the distress that creates the millions of tiny little veins. I'm so fickle when it comes to bags-but I think I've learned what I like- and this one, hopefully, is a keeper forever. The leather is exactly what I wanted and what I expected from an 05 bag- distressed to the max.

    Pictures following
  2. [​IMG]



  3. Gorgeous, congrats! Teal City is one of my Holy Grails...someday ;)
    I love the Chanel flap in your avatar Alaska, yum!
  4. Thank you Jessiebug!!! I think I'd rather chew on a bbag all day than a Chanel. I love that Chanel in my avatar but there is nothing like Balenciaga when you score for such a cheap price and such a great color! ANOTHER reason I love Balenciaga--- no price increases! *knock* And Teal City :drool:

    this is a sickness that's uncurable.... :crybaby:
  5. :drool:.........:drool:
  6. :nuts: WOW! What a beauty!!! It's fricken YUMMY!!! thanks for sharing pics!!! I'm going to dream of your new b-bag tonight! hehehehe!!! HOT!
  7. heehee~ Helen- dream about your own bag! :blah::bagslap: Turq first!!??!!! j/k. Thanks! this bag is hot- I have always loved blues!!!
  8. oh my word. i'm exceedindly jealous, Alaska! congrats!
  9. omg alaska! it is amazing! i love it! as if i need more colors on my wishlist =( ahhaha
  10. U do have great taste alaska.. Beautiful colour. i love Blue too.Not Pink. Haa..
  11. Thanks!!!! I'm jealous of myself considering the price I paid....I swear I thought I would lose out to some sniper at 00:00:30 seconds!!!!!! :sweatdrop: but nope! :yahoo: This is the second super leather 05 I scored for hundreds less than retail! But thank you- the bag is meets 05 expectations

    Thank you!!! you know- when I was younger I loved teal to the maximum and finally I have something so soft to lug with me everyday that is this color~!!

    Thank you!! heehee~~ rose is still pretty- don't hate! :upsidedown: :lol: These photos show the tiny itty bitty veins, the over all color is a true crayola teal!! mmmm, yummy....
  12. Congrats! Great looking bag and sounds like you scored an awesome deal!
  13. Thanks Moonstarr! It was a deal - super deal for an 05...I'm just so surprised how there were no bids in the end? :huh: IRL the bag is perfection in Teal!
  14. wow Muriel! another twiggy?! teal is gorgeous! congrats girl! the leather looks so yummy!
  15. :nuts::nuts::drool::drool::drool: Love your teal twiggy!!!:woohoo: