These are some crazy heels!

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  1. Here's a pair of heels my hubby just finished making for me as a surprise. They are definitely THAT! He is so sweet and handy with tools - (he's always ready to fix anything) but I just don't see how I could wear these things anywhere but around the house (if even there).

    He worked so hard on them too - I hate to break his heart - what should I tell him?

    Andreas tripod heels.JPG
  2. Honey, that is dangerous so don't wear that around the house even . So creative, that was very sweet of him.
  3. Minnie is right, it looks dangerous! it's very sweet of him so you should wear it for him - on the bed when you don't need to walk maybe? :P
  4. Andrea,

    Those are indeed some crazy looking shoes, but I just have to ask...

    Where did you get those beautiful stockings??

  5. That is an accident waiting to happen. The gesture was sweet but those should not be worn.
  6. Wow! I must say - I've never, ever seen anything like them! What a sweet hubby you have!
  7. That is awesome. Your feet look a tad pained though. Bound, even.
  8. I read your other thread too, didn't make the connection at first. Do your loved ones think you're an acrobat?
  9. They look painful! But wear them as a cotoure item maybe? Like only for special ocassions? Like runway shoes and VIP parties?
  10. Those are hysterical. Maybe try the Hellfire Club or The Vault.
  11. omg, the look like they hurt
  12. those are quite cool...they remind me of the Glamazon series of shoes.

    if you can't wear them, if he's any good with a camera, they'd be a good focal point for some artistic shots.
  13. Maybe you're only joking with us? Did your hubbie actually make them? Yikes! I wouldn't wear them if I were you, unless you want to break your ankle!
  14. You guys, OBVIOUSLY her hubby (and her) have a foot fetish. This is part of the fetish to get people to react to the wild shoes. Whatever floats your boat.
  15. I suspected as much! :rolleyes:
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