These are on hold for me!!!

  1. Im just not sure..when does it end??? My husband hates the ring...thinks its too gaudy (I LOVE IT). He does like the bracelet!!! I keep thinking I should wait until Xmas!!!! Just wanted to share.;)
  2. They're both beautiful! But the bracelet is stunning!
  3. They are both gorgeous! I also prefer the bracelet but the ring is a beauty as well!
  4. Where did you find these beauty's???
  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both items, especially the ring!!!! I always say the bigger the better!!!! Go sunshine GO:yahoo:
  6. LOVE the bracelet. And I don't think the ring is gaudy at all.
  7. Im still on the fence....we are remodeling the house..I keep thinking I could put that money towards a sofa, or a painting, OR a restored LV trunk used as a side table...OH YEAH!! A close friend of works at the jewelry shop (local) so...she can always order these for me later. Im going to keep thinking about it!!!
  8. sunshine, both are gorgeous!!! i say, get both!
  9. Get both....they are stunning!!!
  10. Love them! Maybe get one piece and the LV trunk?
  11. Love them both! Where did you find them?
  12. IMO Somehow I agree with your husband... I LOVE the bracelet, but the ring is just not for me... It's for you!! If you like it, go for it!
  13. the are both gorgeous, and would make a very nice christmas present.
  14. i am not one for jewelry, but this is stunning!!!
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