These are my keepers...........collection photos

  1. Well, I started counting and would you believe that I've had 27, yes 27 different Bbags in the past 6 months! :nuts: Of course, I would never be able to keep all of those. But you girls understand how it is trying to find the right style that suits you, then determining which color is your favorite........there's a lot of trial and error when it comes to buying Bbags, especially when you can't even see them in person!

    I've finally narrowed it down to my favorites that I know I'll actually use and not just stare at in amazement. So, here they are from left to right:

    Chocolate 05 City
    Vert Gazon 07 First
    Caramel 05 Weekender
    Anthracite 07 GH Work
    French Blue 07 Toilet
    Anthracite 07 City
    Turquoise 05 Work
    Vert Gazon 07 Coin
    French Blue 07 GH Part-time
    Rouge Theatre 05 City
    Black 05 City




  2. Beautiful! :nuts:
  3. I see you've been busy :graucho:
    But, seriously, :drool::drool::drool:
  4. wow every single one of them are fabulous! great collection. look at all that leather! dee-licious!
  5. OMG girl every each one of those bags are gorgeous. :nuts:Your collection rocks.:drool::yahoo:
  6. I think you have the perfect collection! I want to sit back and look at the picture and admire - there's a real balance to it!

    27 is a lot of activity!
  7. Those are lovely....great choices, I think.
  8. AWESOME COLLECTION! :nuts: 27 bbags over 6 months? Wowza. They are all beautiful but my favorite is your mint condition '05 Rouge Theatre City. :girlsigh:
  9. Cracker, I LOVE your collection :nuts::yahoo:!!!
  10. Excellent choices, Cracker!!! :tup: But oh, my, there certainly have been a lot of Break the Ban Official Balenciaga Emergencies. :graucho:
  11. Wow...turns out you are more of a RH girl than a GH girl...I always thought you had mostly GH! Also only one part time, and I thought Part Time was your fave! You sure have gone on a rollercoaster of bbags! ;) I like your "final" collection!!

    P.S. My favorite is the anthracite work w/GH ... the leather on it looks luminescent...and so different from the antrhacite City you have!!
  12. Gorgeous collection!! I think you've got it narrowed down to a very useful bunch!! :tup:

    I :heart: love your Rouge Theatre & Anthracity!!
  13. Beautiful collection Cracker! My fav color is green, so I LOVE your Vert Gazon First...:heart:
  14. beautiful collection!
  15. great collection cracker! I love every bag you have!!!!