thes shoes

  1. if im not posting in the right forum please forgive me
    im still new at this pc
    when did these shoes come out like what year and what season any info would really help
    and if you l know where i could buy them
    thanx in advance
    chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg
  2. The only thing I can tell from the box is that they came out in 2005.
  3. how can you tell from that ?
    please let me know
    thank you
  4. I know for sure it was 2005, usually the C means continuous so I am not exactly sure the season. I am guessing probably spring/summer. The best bet would be to call Chanel and give them the number on the box. They may be able to locate a pair for you.
  5. It's from 2005 Cruise Collection. Your best bet is on Ebay. It's from past seasons so it may not in boutique now. It went on sale late summer of 2005.
  6. tryed ebay & blue fly nothing :sad:
    os there any other online discount stores beside blue fly
    for chanel n gucci shoes?