Theron: 'US Laws Prevent Parents Disciplining Their Kids'

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  1. Actress Charlize Theron fears strict laws that prohibit parents beating their kids are responsible for turning American kids wild.

    The Oscar winner grew up in South Africa and was often on the receiving end of a beating at the hands of her disciplinarian mother Gerda - and she insists she deserved every one.

    Theron says, "It couldn't happen in America today, because she'd be put in jail, and to me that's a very sad thing, because I always deserved it.

    "Never once did I go, 'God, this is so unfair.' Afterward, I would go up to her and apologise, because I knew that I had been wrong."


    At what point do celebrities decide to STFU? For some, I guess it is never. I hate to point it out to Theron, but her mother shot and killed her father - I don't think she is in any position to tell people how to be parents when it could be easily argued that she didn't have the most functional upbringing.

    Advocating child abuse is just wrong - I don't care if you think the end justifies the means. There are other ways to discipline your children without risking their physical and mental health.
  2. I dont think she's advocating child abuse. She's just saying that different cultures have different child rearing veiws. And you dont know all the sides to a story. Maybe it was self defense(the shooting)? My mom used corporal punishment with me. Then sometimes she would just talk things out with me. Am I emotionally scarred? Heck no! I'm so far an upstanding citizen with barely a ticket on my record. I dont go around with a bitter chip on my shoulder because I caught a few spankings. PLEASE! That's the hugest misconception. If you are not a parent you cant really judge the methods that others use to rear theirs-unless it's actually abuse. Then someone should step in but not this whole 'lets call the cops on mommy because she smacked my bottom' syndrome that America does indeed have. I think her words have been misconstrued and that's what she was talking about, maybe. I can't speak for her but I feel where she's coming from.
  3. I dunno...It really depends, you really can't stereotype that all parents that give physical discipline are all “for their children's welfare”. There are some in which the strict laws account for, that have been saved from fatality because of these strict mandated laws. You really have to think twice and find an alternative disciplinary method in achieving your child's attention.

    But there are some whom suffer due to wrongful reasons (giving physical discipline for a truly right cause). In actuality the thought is there, but the action is still wrong. If you really care for your child you can take the LONG and alternative way of disciplinary action (against misdeeds of any sort in regards to the child).

    It’s a very hard balance act to take upon. Talking and giving lectures can only go so far. Other methods such as removing certain privileges can go undeterred if the parent is unwilling or reluctant to PUSH for discipline. Often parents sway and “give in” when they see their children suffer or throw pitiful temper tantrums. The parents have to take control of the situation, without using physical means.

    I don’t say that physical discipline is wrong (It is illegal in the states though! LOL). Some people have benefited or learned most from it. But I think there are better methods of attaining your child’s attention and overall trust. And that’s without taking the shortcut of just “smacking” the hell out of that kid! LOL

    Charlize Theron has her own opinion, as everyone is allowed to his or hers as well. I just don’t agree with it…
  4. I already addressed that there ARE maniacs out there. Those ppl dont deserve to have their children and shouldnt have reproduced. And I didnt say "smack the he double hockey sticks" outta the kid. But I do think that the lines have become blurred between physical discipline and ABUSE. NOT all physical discipline is abuse. Slapping Johnny's hand because he is about to put a fork in a light socket is NOT abuse. You dont have time to lecture or put him on video game restriction @ the moment. Explaining to him afterwards why the light socket is bad confirms that you love him and was looking out for his well being. Is he going to turn into a bitter psycho afterwards- highly unlikely. And if so it wont be do to that factor. And what states are you talking about? Because I'm in Tx where kids get spankings in the store daily in public veiw. No one bothers those parents either....
  5. Actually I was just addressing my opinion. I wasn't referring to your post. But you do have a point; there is a line between physical discipline and physical abuse. Actually slapping a hand really depends on how hard you hit. :Push:

    As I stated before I never said physical discipline was wrong. Nor did I say I was against it. I prefer different methods of discipline. Different methods work for different kids. You can't say that physical discipline (not abuse) is effective towards all misbehaving children.
  6. That's true. I guess I just havent seen one that it didnt work on.
  7. Remember... everyone can disagree- but do it politely please. Chemlex posted this as an article and her own thoughts- you may disagree with what anyone says, but please do not tell someone they are wrong for what they think.