Food thermo question


Sep 6, 2006
sorry, i tried google but maybe my usage of search words were bad, but i couldn't find an answer so am hoping someone here can help

i recently brought a thermo stainless steel beverage container. and i was washing it with the 'smooth' part of a washing sponge but since its a deep circular container..i think the rougher part might have grazed the opposite side as i was washing the container..

so there is a very light scratch mark inside..

question is, does that affect the performance of the thermos and more importantly does that do anything to the liquid it would be holding inside? i only ask because my mom got really mad at me when i was younger, scrubbing the pans with the opposite side of that sponge, as scratching it and then cooking food on it..she says will taint the food so its bad for your health, and promptly stopped using that pan. since then i avoid using the rougher part at all costs, this was by accident.
Apr 16, 2006
The scratch will have no impact on performance or health. The chromium in stainless steel forms an oxide in the presence of oxygen, which provides an invisible coating to resist corrosion. In this way abrasions are self-repairing. Now if you were to cut through the steel almost to the outside, you would experience some heat loss, but healthwise be fine. The chemical and physical properties of stainless steel are what makes it the ideal choice for surgical and dental instruments, as well as prevalent use in the pharmaceutical industry and commercial kitchens. It can sustain scratches, dents and other abuse and still be perfectly functional. BTW, your mom was incorrect. Scratches on stainless steel posts and pans are harmless to your health and just an aesthetic concern for some people.