TheresaKathryn.Com 20% Off

  1. Theresa Kathryn Celebrates Women of Style & Purpose: Moms and Grads!

    We are pleased to offer 20% off our distinguished collection of luxury business/laptop bags for a limited time. Please visit us at and enter the promo code Spring07 to receive this special offer at checkout.

    Offer valid through April 30, 2007. Bags will arrive gift wrapped in a luxury box at no additional charge. A special note can be included upon request.
  2. Tried the link and nothing happened-just a blank page.:confused1:
  3. I'm sorry JNH14. I just clicked on the link in my above post and it took me directly to the website. Try it again.

  4. The link doesn't work for me either. I will type it in. :yes:
  5. Those look nice for work. Thanks for the info, I may order something!!!!:smile:
  6. You know, this is really strange. When I was working on my pc downstairs, I was able to click on the above link and it took me directly to the site. However, when I did the same on my pc upstairs, it did nothing. I wonder why. Anyway, I thought there were a couple of cute bags there that someone might be interested in.