Theresa update

  1. They had:
    purse: sapin
    city: grenat, sapin, black
    padded bag: black, marron which was a beautiful chocolate brown,
    Bowling and mini bowling: rouge vif, black, greige, marron, camel
    weekender: camel, black both from SS06 for the price of the work
    Assecories: portemonnaie: grenat
    small portemonnaie: grenat, greige
    Toilet case: grenat
    They're waiting for the blue india and blueberry.
  2. Hi Tanja .... thank you very much for the update :flowers: ! Didn't they have any Hobo or Purse styles ? But otherwise they have a nice selection :nuts: :tender:
  3. Is possible to order outside US?
  4. I'm dying to see the padded bags! Have to look to see if the stores by me got them in.
  5. Zacorey - My NM has the black padded so if you have a NM near you, they probably have one too.
  6. Do you have a phone/email/website for the store?
  7. What did you think of the padded bag???
  8. Do you have a website for this seller/store?:yahoo:
  9. They're in Germany and they're listed on atelier.naff under Germany.
    First, I'm not sure if they had any purse left but if they were just in sapin. At the beginning of the season they had almost every colour in the purse style. Unfortunately they don't carry the day and no work this season. If you want a purse I can find out and ship it to you.
  10. Zac ... as you know, the Neiman Marcus in our 'neck' of the woods doesn't carry Balenciaga. Both of the Barneys NY stores (Chestnut Hill and Copley) have the Medium-sized padded in Black (if I remember correctly, they were getting the padded in Black and Marron Glace which I'm assuming is different than the Truffe).

    I got mine at Barneys NY/Copley and was lucky in that I was able to pick the *best* of three!
  11. Thanks CeeJay! I will try and go next week! I need to see the bag! I really love the bag you bought! Do you know if they have padded accessories? Probably not, but wouldn't it be so cool!