Theresa Bbag update!

  1. I was at Theresa again today because they got new bags on Friday:
    grenat: 7 cities, now 5 because I bought one and an older woman who actually wanted to buy a Muse but when she saw me going through all the grenats to pick my favourite she got one as well. We had a lovely chat and it'll be her first Bbag.
    greige: city, purse
    sapin: city, purse
    truffles: city, purse
    caramel(spring): weekender for the old price
    ink: hook bag for 50% off
    They'll get more almost every week.
    The leather was really nice on the sapin and greige. :love: Most of the grenats were like pre-spring leather I got one which isn't too veiny and has really soft leather.I'm not 100% sure if I keep her but when I'll colour the white edges with a pen for clothes so they look more even.
    The SA was really nice and she said that she likes customers like a lot who value the craftmanship and the leather because most of the time people come in with a magazine and buy the bags not for the bag itself than rather because it's a must have. She's a real addict as well so I gave her the link to pf. She actually took tassles which I liked better from another bag on mine.
    Cities are 945 Euros and they ship internationally if someone wants to order.
  2. Thanks for the update, Tanja. Congrats on your Grenat City! Can't wait to see pics. Wow, that SA you got was lovely!!
  3. Wow, Thanks Tanja. Congrats on your Grenat city - post pics!

    I spoke to the SA at Theresa and she said they were only getting the city style in. Do you know if they'll be getting the day in Blue/Grey. Van Ravenstein aren't getting it.
  4. Congrats Tanja!!!
  5. yippy, i'm excited the grenat is like the pre-spring '06 leather :P

    p.s. must remember i'm on a b-bag ban (ugh!!!) :banned:
  6. WOW Tanja . . . thank you very much for letting us know ! And CONGRATS to the grenat city :flowers::tender: ... can't wait to see pictures :yes:
  7. Tanja - thanks so much for the update!!! Congrats on your grenat city - can't wait to see your pics!!! that's terrific the SA was so wonderful...wonder if she'll really join the PF!!

    The Spring Caramel weekender sounds yummy!!!
  8. Wow Congrats and thanks alot for the heads up! :smile: