There's still hope for Futurama

jc2239 said:
i love love love futurama and fmaily my favorite shows ever.....i would be soso happy if they brought it back it's hilarious......

Because of Adult Swim - I think a lot of people are used to watching Futurama and Family Guy back to back. If Fox gives Futurama a half-decent and stable time slot, I think it can make it.
I LOVE Futurama! it's my favorite cartoon show. i like it more than the simpsons or family guy. i prefer futurama any day. i really hope they will come back for another season. fox really needs to pick it up. it's the best show!
The episode "Jurassic Bark" makes practically everyone cry at the end as the dog waits for Fry. I have to have my little Shih Tzu near by to cry on.

Just thinking about it now has made my eyes water.

OMG!!! I nearly cried on that part!!!! I feel like that with my dog... I come home from school, then get ready for work and get out late... and barely have time to see him. :crybaby:

Futurama is one of my fave animated series. I loved watching every episode even though they were all reruns... :love: