There's still hope for Futurama

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  1. Look, I may be the only person in the world is absolutely jumping up and down about this, but here goes:

    Matt Groening has faith in the relaunch of Futurama, writes Michael Idato.

    Nearly four years after it was cancelled, the popularity of Futurama on DVD could breathe life back into the animated television series. On the subject of a rumoured resurrection, creator Matt Groening, best known for his other animated hit, The Simpsons, says, intriguingly: "You never know."

    Such a trail was blazed in 2004 by another animated series, Family Guy. Fuelled by DVD sales and high-rating reruns, it spawned a direct-to-DVD film and two seasons of television episodes.

    The move caught the television industry by surprise, and left several lost properties, including Futurama, ripe with possibility.

    "Three months ago, I would have said we were going to start tomorrow," says writer David X. Cohen, who collaborated with Groening on Futurama. "And one month ago I would also have said we were going to start tomorrow. So ..." He pauses. "My current estimate is that we're starting tomorrow."


    I was so pissed off when Family Guy came back and Futurama didn't. Futurama is my favorite show of all time and it needs to come back! A movie would be great too, but I'd prefer a series.
  2. Yay !!! I love Futurama, it's my fave animated show.. I have all the DVD sets for it, it's good to know that my purchases contributed to a possible decision to bring it back !!
  3. Good point - I need to head out and buy all the Arrested Development DVDs!
  4. NOTHING beats family guy!
    but it would be cool if futurama returned.

  5. I am so glad someone else likes that show. How dare they cancel it! It was my second favorite show on TV!
  6. ooo I like the show as well, but not how the only Asian chick on there is a slut :lol:
  7. I wouldn't call Amy a slut. She is kind of shallow, but she is also very sweet.

    And she isn't Asian, she's from Mars :lol:
  8. I love FUTURAMA! I cried on the last episode!
  9. The episode "Jurassic Bark" makes practically everyone cry at the end as the dog waits for Fry. I have to have my little Shih Tzu near by to cry on.

    Just thinking about it now has made my eyes water.
  10. Oooh that one too! It was like, awwwww! The dog waited forever until it died! *sniff!* OMG! My BF threatened to switch the channel tonight when FUTURAMA came on cause it's the last episode.
  11. OMG! I cried my eyes out like a little girl on that episode...that is the SADDEST frickin' cartoon I have ever seen...I thought cartoons were supposed to be fun and amusing, so sad though...I hope Futurama comes back too, great show!
  12. That is pretty much everyone's reaction to the dog episode. It was so unexpected and tragic - and anyone who has ever had a dog can relate to it.

    If you really want a good pet-related cry, check out Animal Cops on Animal Planet. They put together the most tragic incidents of animal abuse, and deal which each animal case by case. Some animals are so badly damaged physically and emotionally that they have to put down. It destroys me to watch.
  13. Huzzah! More gurgles of life!,1002,271|99399|1|,00.html

    Hoping to follow the "Family Guy" model of life after TV death, the studio that produced "Futurama" is considering putting the animated series back into production.
    Talks are underway at 20th Century Fox TV, which also produces "Family Guy," to make a "limited" number of new episodes of the cartoon, which was created by "The Simpsons" guru Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. The discussions haven't gone so far as to include a place to air any new installments, Variety reports.

    Since "Futurama" last aired in August 2003, it has followed the "Family Guy" pattern of earning strong ratings as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming and racking up revenue in DVD sales (although not to the then-record levels of "Family Guy's" first DVD sets). Also, like "Family Guy" on its first go-round, it was something of an orphan on FOX, saddled with long gaps between episodes and unfavorable timeslots.

    The trade paper notes that contracts with the show's cast and crew have expired since the last airing. Re-signing actors Billy West (Fry and others), Katey Sagal (Leela) and John DiMaggio (Bender), along with writers and other crew members, would obviously be a priority.
    "Futurama" repeats will continue to air on Cartoon Network this year and next before moving to Comedy Central in 2008.


    Do you guys think it will be hard to resign the voice actors?? I don't think so.
  14. Futurama is hilarious. I love Bender :]
  15. i love love love futurama and fmaily my favorite shows ever.....i would be soso happy if they brought it back it's hilarious......