There's something bling bling going home me..

  1. I went to Neiman to pick up my gift card, and shopped for dresses (ended up empty handed b/c they don't have my size...) stopped by at Chanel just for the hell of it.. and something shiny caught my eyes. :love: GASP! *I'm on Chanel ban!*
    Long story short.. Miss Bling went home with me :smash:

    What's your opinion? Keep it or return it? (It's $320)




    - P
  2. Ohhh, I LOVE it!!! :heart: :drool: I was going to buy this exact same bracelet a couple of months back, but unfortunately, it was too big for my wrist and looked strange on me. :sad: It looks fabulous on you however... enjoy it... ohh, and I vote for keeping it!! :tup:
  3. wow that is so hot! and for only $320?? it's definitely a keeper. i love that little cc right next to the flower. it's such a nice little detail.
  4. It is way too big on me.. I tied the ends with a thread (for the picture) & it's still loose.

    I'm thinking to bring it to a jeweler.. do you think he/she can shorten the chain?
  5. ^ Ahh, okay... you're tiny haha, so no wonder! :smile: That was what deterred me from getting it, because I wasn't sure if the chain could be shortened and still look okay... and when I wore it as is, it practically came off of my wrist. :sad: I'm sure that if you go to a decent jeweler, they can do it! Let me know if they can, because I'd do the same in the future! :p
  6. Wow that is beautiful!!!
  7. lovely! definitely keep it!
  8. fieryfashionist: I actually just tried to loop the end (kind of twisting it).. and it actually fits ok for now.. and it doesn't look bad:yahoo:I can live with that I think.. no immediate need for a jeweler

    I can post the pic of the shorten version if you want to see what I did

    Thank you giels.. I think I keep it.. (I didn't tell my SO yet.. He's going to glare daggers on me)
  9. omg keep it!!!! loves it...the first place i'm going when i get back to the states is Neimans!
  10. It is stunning! do not return it!!!
  11. Hi. :smile: Hmm... I would love to see a pic! :heart: I think I tried to do that, but for some reason I either couldn't do it properly, or I wasn't happy with the end result... even the SA said it didn't look so great on me because of that. :sad: I'm soo glad you were able to make it look good though, because it's a gorgeous bracelet!! :tup:

  12. Beautiful!:heart:
  13. it's a keeper!!:yes:
  14. ahhh, so gorgeous, keep it if you can.
  15. REALLY GORGEOUS!!!! :heart: KEEP it if you can!!

    I'd like to "bling"one of those home with me!!