There's nothing worse than.....

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  1. down the street...looking hot (if I do say so myself :p:roflmfao:)....carrying my Natural Chamonix 35 Birkin, which a few of you became acquainted with whilst in NY......two girls walking close behind says to the other "You know what? There's nothing worse than a ****ty, knock-off bag"...giggle giggle......the two pass me, and glance back in my direction, making it obvious that the comment was intended for me!

    LMAO - you know what? There's nothing worse than people that can't tell a knock-off from the real thing.

    You know what sucks, though. Instead of holding my head high, knowing that my Birkin wonderful, I walked along thinking great...everyone thinks my bag is a fake. I think this is God paying me back for thinking nasty things about other peoples clothing all the time..........:rolleyes:!!!!
  2. ^^ GF, it's just jealous kids. Any one whose opinion you'd value would never have said those things, or thought those thoughts!
  3. LOL - I WAS kinda funny, though......I'm sure it's payback for me!!! LMAO!!
  4. That's never happened to me yet, so I am not sure how I would react. Making personal remarks about any one whether these remarks pertain to bags or other things, is just plain rude. How to best deal with rude people... ignore them.
  5. You could have just daintly stuck your foot out as they were know...tripped them...;)
  6. Poor little girls! I hope they have a chance to learn the difference one day.

    My ex-boss once commented the day when I was carrying my kelly with a canvas strap, "Oh, i thought you were holding a box!"

    Oh well, how can you blame someone who carries a bad fake LV?
  7. Oh well ... they will soon find out about tPF if they are not already tPFers ... and then they see this thread and go :push:

    Silly girls. No class. And they think they're smart. I pity them.
  8. Dear Ms. GF:

    You shouldn't let the ignorance of the people bother you!!! If they know H product they will appreciate and if they don't, it's a pitty!!!
  9. GF, I thought your bag WAS fake... No?

    LOL! Just kidding! Riling you up, that's all... :p:roflmfao:

    Seriously tho, those girls need some class, among other things. I mean, it's one thing to think someone's bag is fake, but quite another to bloody sing out loud about it. There have been numerous times I've come across ppl with iffy bags (not just Hermes but Balenciaga, Chloes, even MJ, you name it) but I don't jab my DH in the side and go, "WOW sweets, check out that FAKE!!!".
  10. The NJ mafia will not be toyed with. I better stay on your good side QM, I just remembered you know where I live too. :sweatdrop:
  11. The best revenge is the knowledge that you are, in all ways, authentic!

    Sadly, it seems, that crass behavior has become the norm in our society. It's bad enough that you got that comment carrying an authentic H, but I would never make a comment like that to anyone - even if they were carrying a fake. It's just rude! I may have thought it, but I would never utter it.
  12. I would have been tempted to smack them with said Birkin wouldn't want to scratch it or anything. :graucho:
  13. CB, that is exactly what I *wish* I could do.. I think I would have a mental picture of me doing just that! And I would end up with a evil tinkle in my eyes knowing I had *bonked* :smash: them with my birkin. :biguns:
  14. poor baby. they're just uncivilized!
  15. Grands Fonds,
    I think you are one of the most fabulous here at PF.
    Dont' be bothered by those comments!!!
    YOU ARE ONE FABULOUS GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes::yes::yes: