There's no Santa here, just fate...


Oct 17, 2007
Here are photos of LV that we had been looking for everywhere. And they came to us by destiny. We never thought that we would ever be able to get these bags. After I had been looking for Monogram Bequia Porte document all around, I found it here in my hometown and it's the last show piece. My bf had been wanting Soana Sac for a long long time and we knew that it's impossible to get it. But today when we were looking for gifts for friends, we pop up into LV shop as I saw blue Tobago Carryall. When we went in there, I didn't look at any other shelf but suddenly my bf saw Soana bag. He almost screamed:graucho: We told SA that we wanted it, doesn't matter how much it would cost. We are so happy and this is the best new year we could ever have :yes: Also that I attached photos of black Tobago shoe bag that I got 2 weeks ago from HKG and burgundy Bequia pocket organizer I got for my bf...:heart::heart::heart:


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