there's no purse in the new s/s07 season!?!?

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  1. i thought they get discontinued AFTER the s/s07!?!?!
  2. well, i guess nobody knows *shrugs*
  3. They have discontinued that style going forward. It's always been my personal favorite and I'm really disappointed. Such an easy style to carry.
  4. janyoung--do you know if they still have the 06 colors available in Purse over at BalNY? TIA!:confused1:
  5. last time i called, they still had some, but i don't remember the colors. and some neiman marcus and other stores still have some also. i LOVE the purse!
  6. yeah, i had heard that, so i bought a purse on ebay. as much as i love my box, the purse is just the PERFECT bag!
  7. OMG...
    I just purchased the purse from the MRPS on eBay... lucky me :smile:
    I am so in love with it... so my city is sitting in the closet since I got the purse .....
  8. Yeap I don't know why the hell they wanted to stop the Purse :sad: '07 won't have anymore of those sadly, so if you want one, you should grab them now...anywhere you can find them. Good luck!
  9. i don't think they discontinued it...the purse is too cute :smile: