There's no outlet mark on my wristlet!

  1. Is that okay? :weird: I've been reading that all of the outlet bags have an O inside of them which means that they came from an outlet, but my wristlet doesn't have one! It's the soho tweed wristlet with a pink bow.
    The inside is a black satiny type of fabric so i'm not sure if they would do it because it would be impossible to see..but does anyone know if it could be somewhere else? Or if accessories don't have the mark??

    :sos:Thanks :flowers:
  2. wait what does the O look like, like is it on a tag or just written or what?
  3. Sometimes they're in very obscure places...or perhaps you just got lucky. I have a signature skinny from the outlet and there is a mark on it if that helps.
  4. Maybe it's from the store which is why there is no 'O'. :shrugs:
  5. Sometimes the outlet does carry non-outlet items. Usually, if it's an outlet item, the coach tag also states coach outlet. Hope this helps.
  6. I really have no idea.. I was just reading in another post..of course I can't find it now.. and I think it said that it was inside the bag.

    I guess that they are in very weird places.. I've looked everywhere- the inside, back, front, zipper pull, the Coach tag, and the little tag inside that says made in Turkey:search:

    Hopefully that is what it is! That's a good idea:idea:

    I've included a few pictures if that helps at all

    Maybe I'm just paranoid?
    Thanks everyone for your responses!
    Coach bag inside.JPG Coach soho wristlet.JPG Coach soho wristlet hanging.JPG Coach Dustbag.JPG
  7. The coach price tags usually say Coach factory on it. There is usually a little bullseye, target stamp in it somewhere to tell you it's from an outlet maybe you got lucky or its hidden really well!
  8. Did you buy it directly from an outlet or off of ebay?
  9. Hi, the tag doesn't say outlet either.
    But the receipt is confusing me-- it says:

    New, unused merchandised may be exchanged...blah blah blah

    (then it says)

    New,unused Factory merchandise may be returned...blah blah

    I hope that this just mean that it was from the store
  10. LOL I always wondered what that O was! LOL DUH me!!
  11. I got it right from the was a great deal--$91 dollars off! :yahoo: --I don't really trust ebay- I would hate to get ripped off--
  12. Here is the inside:
    DSCF0056.JPG DSCF0057.JPG DSCF0058.JPG
  13. Here are the tags and receipt:
    DSCF0043.JPG DSCF0045.JPG DSCF0050.JPG
  14. I wouldn't worry about it, looks like someone just missed tagging it :smile:
  15. I have a number of outlet items that don't have the tag either, and hey, there's nothing wrong with that. :biggrin: