theres no harm in dreaming, right?

  1. so im still really new to hermes and nowhere near buting my first bag but iv just found my dream bag. a 25cm birkin in magenta suade with pal hardware. iv told my SO that if he expects me to pop out a few kids in the future this will be what i want in return, lol. its so pretty, not very practical though.
  2. Very nice.
    To avoid any misunderstandings, you should tell your SO that you want one bag (minimum) PER KID. ;)
  3. oh i have already. and if he gets a new car.

  4. eeeeeek no! He get the pleasure of avoiding being pregnant for nine months....
  5. Nothing wrong with dreaming; it´s half the fun!
  6. Be firm about the rules. I had to have 2 kids and he got a new car before I got my first H bag!

    Hmm, does that mean I am 2 bags down?

    maybe more negotiation needed!
  7. you need to get him told!:lecture:
  8. How about 1 bag/month pregnant? (always aim high;))
  9. Good call Wingnut! Start high negotiating because you cant go back up! Hmm, he is out sniffing his leather seats as I type, maybe I can catch him on a high!