There's hope yet....I LOVE MY INK TWIGGY!

  1. Hello! After going through countless of cornflower bags with bad luck, I finally got my ink twiggy! I LOVE IT!!!! I realized that the twiggy definitely suits me and looks better on my uncurvy 5'3 frame. Strange cause I always thought the city was my favorite, but after seeing the city on me it just didn't look right. I would post pictures, but my sister has my camera (again). But believe me when I say the leather is quite amazing. And this ink is a tad more purplely than my ink shrug.:wlae:

    Purchased this from elizabeththomas, who's so wonderful btw. She really worked with me throughout the entire process, and was so honest in telling me about the particulars of each bag (for example, scrunchy handles?). You can check out her website for b-bags.
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Yahoo!! That's fantastic. I'm very glad you are happy with your ink twiggy after going through so much with the cornflower. Great news! Please post pics when you get your camera back (can never get enough of the ink bags!).:biggrin:
  4. Great news, didi!
    Can't wait to see pics.
  5. :happydance: congrats on your buy:yahoo: i bought my ink work from elizabeth thomas too and she helped me pick one that was less veiny with thicker leather. and i loveeee the one she sent me.
  6. yay! another ink lover :smile:
  7. gals.. somebody stole my purse! please see my other thread. i am too heartbroken to read this one.