There's Balenciaga, then there's... everything else?

  1. Now that you enablers have me HOOKED on these beautiful bags (I'm a blamer, it eases the guilt :lol:) I am starting to purge my collection of "all the others." Not that they weren't nice, but I sold a Coach bag, a LV, a Botkier... now I'm thinking of shedding my Kooba Scarlett because of my new Caramel Twiggy-- I just keep thinking, they're so much alike-- why not sell Scarlett for more Balenciaga $$? (Yeah I got the fever).

    Anyway, have you done the same thing and been glad? Or have you let other bags go because you were on a "kick" only to regret it later? I know there's no way to know, but I'd love to hear anyone's experiences with this!
  2. I was just thinking the same thing! I resisted b-bags for so many years because I was tired of seeing them on every celeb. Little did I know they were so light, comfy, fun to "collect", and that they would retain their value so well! I have let a few seriously fine bags go to support my new habit and so far no regrets at all. Granted, my habit is only a month old! :roflmfao: :yahoo:
  3. Oh yes, I've done the exact same thing. Before Balenciaga, I was dabbling in other brands- a little bit of LV, some Gucci, Fendi, Coach... but after buying my first b-bag, I knew that it was love. :love: heheh I purged myself of almost all the other bags I had in my collection and went on buying more b-bags. Now I'm pretty much down to a small but very loved collection of balenciagas. I don't regret it a bit because I know that if I had kept the other purses, I wouldn't have used them. Of course, I have moments when I drool over other purses (LV damier saleya, anyone?) or even hope that I can save enough money without being tempted by balenciaga to buy a chanel one day.. But in the end, it's balenciaga for me! :heart:
  4. I'm new to Balenciaga and LOVE the lightness of it and the fun tassels, but I like variety! I don't think I could ever sell my others to buy more bbags. I would like to get a First in a bright color at some point, but I really want a Chanel flap to round out my collection, and DH has agreed to a Birkin for me next year if they'll put me on a list (keeping fingers crossed when I go on a conference next week!)
  5. yeppers, i've done the same thing & didn't look back for a second ;)
  6. I went through kooba, botkier, and bulgas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing compares to the b-bag (suddenly I have that sinad oconner song in my head, nothings compares to you). haha
  7. my b-bags are among the first designer bags i had, before i collect lv multicolore lines, and been loving b-bags for years.
    i don't care about the celebs thing
  8. That is such a good point! I am the exact same way-- I could care less about celebs setting trends.
  9. I sold my black MC trouville for my balenciaga city a bit over a year ago - I definitely have no regrets - and never have ;)
  10. i sold many of my smaller bags for bigger and better, I have no regrets and just wish I had more to sell to keep up with my more expensive bags I keep buying.
  11. I am contemplating the same thing.

    Do you wait for a good price for your bags or do you just get what you can? I have a few Lambertson Truex that I have NO idea what their value would be??
  12. Yep, me too, and me neither!
  13. Tabby I sort of do both... I think there are always good deals to be had (since I love a bargain and have fun scouring Ebay). But I'm also sort of an instant gratification girl :shame: and can just about justify any purchase with something! :wlae: (One of these justifications, by the way, is that I can always sell the bag if I need to!)
  14. I sold my Gaucho for my grenat city and I don't regret it for a minute!! I'll sell a LV bag for a new B-bag probably the purse and I know that I won't miss it because my B-bags get rotated and all others just sit in their dustbags but I don't want to sell my Chloes (paddy and Edith) and my Kooba Sienna. I do love them a lot and I don't want to have just B-bags because I like a bit of variety but all bags I want to add to my collection are b-bags.
  15. I am trying to offload all my Coach. I just don't wear them anymore, I just prefer the Balenciagas! I highly doubt that I would regret selling any of them, well maybe the blue suede hobo, it's lovely! I don't own any other "high-end" bags, like Gucci or Prada etc. I may hold onto a few for work functions, when I think the Balenciaga is too casual for business meetings (which for me happen twice a year or so!)
    Thankfully I found my love before I made other purchases. I was drawn to Marc Jacobs bags and was set to get a Blake, until I saw the Cornflower, the colour and leather totally changed my mind about Balenciaga, prior to that I thought they were ugly : o

    I wish you well,