There's an original print stellina on ebay (looks authentic)

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  1. it's cute! and a good price! someone BIN!
  2. there are several on there right now i'm watching the same bag with different print placement. seems like someone hoarded a ton of original stellina's!
  3. oh for real? or are they just good fakes?? i'm gonna go see!
  4. they seem to be real. if you just search for stellina a few should show up!
  5. That seller wants 20.55 to ship to me ..I'll pass LOL
  6. I was watching that one already... I know I shouldn't buy anymore bags tho :sad: eBay prices are really getting low but high on some bags... it's so hard predicting what will cost what!
  7. wow! i got mine shipped for 6 bucks from another seller. :wtf:
  8. dont we all wish we didnt buy more and more?! its depressing jenn... :crybaby: at least you buy/sell, if i buy em, i cant sell em later!

    i need a cheap foresta, the pirata when it hits the outlets, MAYBE spiaggia, MAYBE tutti ... and vacanze. im done with the rest of the prints. no more!!!
  9. haha yes it's depressing... that's why I buy and sell... we do the same thing w/ my bf's Jordans. If we didn't we couldn't afford the ones we do want to keep :crybaby:My mom has no idea how much $$ I've been dealing with lately lol
  10. my mom doesnt either. or she has checked the card's statement and never complained... and whenever i use paypal, i have to use one of my brothers card. luckily, he doesnt even check it or just doesnt care. he is like a dad to me and buys me stuff, however I FEEL GUILTY most of the times and put myself on hold.

    this is awful. ahhh!!