There's an apple tree growing on fleebay!

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  1. LOL! There's a AG First, City and Work listed! Wow.

    I also see many beautiful lilacs and cornflowers. It's spring, alright! :yahoo:
  2. Yes,lol, now we only need a day and a weekender (or maybe AG wasn´t made in that style?) to complete the Spring tree;)

  3. Wow I noticed that too! We will have a bunch of I got my HG threads soon ;)
  4. ^^^ Hopefully;)

  5. Kat, just for reference, the WE was one of the first styles Bal produced, in spring 2003, the first pewter season which was also the first to feature light colors (caramel, emerald, mastic). YEAH, I'm a big 03 geek. :smile:
  6. I don't know why, but I just can't bring myself to like apple green...I know it is a popular color, and I love bbag greens in general, but this one just doesn't do it for me. :shrugs: Perhaps I need to see it in real life? Does it look much different than it does in photos?
  7. My thread will be "I can't afford my HG but it was right under my nose.." :crybaby:
  8. :lol: You make me laugh with your comment Katy..
    Same here, I am so broke too :sad: and I just hate it the bags that I want finally make appearance and I just CANT get them! :cursing::crybaby:
  9. I know! I saw that AG work and I gathered up a ton of stuff and listed today on ebay but then I thought what am I doing? All this stuff won't even end by the time AG work does and it won't even cover half of the cost. Haha, oh well! I can dream...:upsidedown:
  10. there was an apple day on tuesday - i think wander got it. ;) so we almost had an apple week!

  11. LOL! Same here..I probably have to sell at least 3 of my bags to be able to afford that AG Work :sweatdrop:

    I listed my 05 Magenta and the last minutes I chickened out :sweatdrop:
    Now I am re-evaluating my collection and see which one I can let go..So hard though!
  12. katybug, I know how you feel.:cry: One of my HG's was on fleabay and I didn't even check the "Balenciaga finds" thread and it was sold within hours right after it was listed:
    Not only that, I no longer buy from fleabay and it makes looking for HG's 10X more impossible for me.:crybaby:
  13. OMG! Well you better hold onto that 05 Magenta. That is my OTHER HG! Well, I have 3 really. 05 Magenta, Turquoise, and Apple Green in whatever I can find! LOL
  14. I'm sorry Louis_gal! I hate it when that happens!!! Don't worry, I bet you will find it sooner or later! Where all do you look if it's not on "fleabay"? Haha I love that!
  15. Yah I almost had my holy grail an apple day last week then again this week but by the both times sniped away from me! Argh I have given up it's jsut not that important there will always be colors I like.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.