there's about a million new chloe bags on neiman marcus...

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  1. Oh my god, the whiskey paddington is so beautiful ! I hope someone from the board gets it !
  2. they need to get it NOW, i checked the website a few hours ago and they had a brown and red paddy hobo and they're out of both already - act fast!

    i seriously check that page like a million times a day, except when i'm at work.
  3. Wow NICE! Maybe I can just replace my paddy here.
  4. why are you replacing your paddy?
  5. I just bought an off white paddy and now i am totally regretting it. I should get the silver or anthracite color... :sad2:
  6. I did! I am so excited, it's a great color....drool :toung:
  7. yay! congrats! i'm in the process of buying a red one from BorsaBella, i'm so excited!
  8. Okay Ladies I just ordered the whiskey paddington....yippee. Now I have to wait until at least Feb for it to be shipped. Thanks for telling us about the Chloe's on NM; I am so excited!!!
  9. hey, just call me santa claus :smile:

    i gotta look out for my fellow chloe lovers! particularly since several people had mentioned specifically the whiskey paddington in the past few days - i hope everyone that wanted it sees this and gets it!
  10. congrats on ur new bag...soso jealous....does borsabella have the red paddy in the small size?
  11. thanks! i'm gonna have to eat ramen for a year, but i don't care!

    she might be able to get the small - email her a and ask, i think she has some flexibility with her supplier.
  12. When I got it, it had a huge oil stain:amazed:
  13. are my Santa; I never would have looked at the site...thanks a trillion times. :love: I've been on the hunt for a red one but that whiskey is just so beautiful.
  14. ohmygod, i want the whiskey!!! i'm soooo tempted to order that.
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