There's a stitch amiss on my bag!

  1. Great, so now I noticed there's a STITCH completely ripped out on my Ergo. It's on the back, towards the top..very tiny but I'm pissed. The price on the tag is ripped off so I'm wondering if it was a return. What would you girls do about that? Not worry about it since it's on the back or will it eventually snowball and all the stitches will wind up coming out? I can't get to a boutique so if I do send it back, I'll have to mail it back. Do I have to pay for shipping it back? I'm beyond peeved now. I was finally okay with how the bag was sitting on my shoulder and now this!
  2. you are taking a big chance by leaving it... you would have to pay for shipping to have it replaced though. How far is the nearest Coach?
  3. I am sorry this happend.
  4. I'm thinking in Philly or Delaware...but I can't drive myself anywhere and I know nobody will take me. Plus, I received it with a PCE discount. If I want to exchange it through mail, will I still get the discount?
  5. I'm right down the road from you (DH actually works in Aston) but I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow or I'd try to help out!!!

    Since they shipped you a "defective" bag, I'd call them & see if they'll send you a postage paid return sticker or something...
  6. That's awesome that you're so close!

    Would they do that for me? I mean, it is they're fault and I really don't wanna pay to have it shipped back since I had to pay to have it shipped TO me!! Now I feel like I'm in a bind.
  7. it never hurts to ask. also mention the discount and see if you could just do an even exchange so you don't lose your discount.
  8. They better pay for it!
    I would ask to speak to a supervisor.
    I'm furious for you!
  9. I talked to my grandmother and she told me she'll give me a ride to the Philly boutique tomorrow! Yay!!! She was STEAMING that they sent me a bag with a popped stitch. It's not really the boutiques fault that I ordered it from since they had to search nationwide for it, but was obviously a return because the price is ripped off the tag.

    Now I'm wondering if I should exchange it for the medium Ergo. It's a lot more money though than what I paid for the small. I'm very torn because I don't have that much money to begin with but if I put it on a credit card I can pay it off in installments I suppose. $10 a month isn't too bad. Blah!!
  10. Come to think of it, I'm going to ask them if they can refund me shipping too, since the boutique I ordered from charged me 8.50 to have it sent to me. It's the least they can do for sending me a defective bag!