there's a smell :T

  1. inside my bbag theres this weird smell. i've tried putting a dryer sheet in there...but now it just smells floraly wierd :Push: i'm not sure if i should try to wash the inside lining because of that leather tag. any suggestions?? i haven't been using it because everything i put in there comes out smelling like it :huh:

    help help please! i need to get rid of this odor :blink:
  2. What about spraying the lining with one of those odor-removing products like Febreeze? I've never used Febreeze but a friend sprays it on her couch and carpet to remove pet odor (she has 4 cats). I've never noticed a pet smell in her house so maybe it really works...
  3. I would just air it out in a cool dark place like your closet- it may have to sit for a month or longer- remember to leave the bag open!
  4. Do you have an ionizer? I've had really good luck removing all types of smells from bags by leaving it inside the bag for few days. Also, I've heard that cat litter will absorbe odors. Put the litter in an open container and close up the bag for a few days.
  5. i've heard of people putting in newsaper into their bags to absorb the odor. i've never tried it personally, but it's something that you could try that wouldn't cost much.
  6. Kitty litter absorbs odor really well - it leaves dust, though. I think Febreze is brilliant, I use it a lot. Baking soda also absorbs odor - you could maybe try putting an open box of baking soda in the bag for a couple of days?
  7. yeah - in agreement... with the Febreze... try it out and let us know! i'm really sorry that your b-bag has a smell! :sad:
  8. I had a b-bag with a musty smell and used Oust (similar to febreze here in europe) sprayed on a dishtowel and stuffed inside the bag – Then aired out the bag outside for 2 days and smell was gone. Good luck ! :flowers:
  9. thanks for all the suggetions!

    right now i put a box of baking soda & zipped up the bag.

    -i'll keep you posted on whether it worked or not :smile:
  10. ^ oh I heard if you do that you should take off a 'layer' from the top of the baking soda each day
  11. oh okk i'll do that today