There's a SECRET POCKET in my Mesh Rocco!

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  1. I received this bag in the mail last week and I am truly smitten with it.

    However, I didn't notice the secret zippered pocket on the exterior side until today!

    Did everyone else know the mesh Rocco has a secret pocket and am I just late to the party?



  2. hehe all the mini rocco's have the pocket on the side except the quilted one.. at least i am PRETTY sure that is accurate information :biggrin:
  3. Yep all the mini Roccos have those :biggrin:
  4. Ah, thanks for telling me! I had no idea! :lol:

    Well at least you can tell this is my first AW, I'm a novice!
  5. actually, there are 2 pockets next to ech other... check again.
  6. ^^^ Yup, 2 secret pockets! :P

    Congrats on a stunning bag!
  7. Found the second secret pocket!


  8. My Quilted doesn't have them:crybaby:I think they were the only mini's made without the exterior pockets. I can forgive her since the leather is so yummy but I do miss the little hidey holes.

    I love your mesh Rocco Lori! I've been kicking myself for not snagging one of those when they were available. It's gorgeous and it looks like yummy, slouchy perfection, CONGRATS:heart:!!
  9. Thanks tatertot! I also missed them when they were at the Barney's outlets. I wound up paying a fair premium for it on eBay but it was worth it!

    One of my coworkers already has her eyes on it ... she said if I get tired of it and want to sell it she'll be first in line, LOL! I told her she'd have to fight me for it ... so for now I'm hiding it at work! :boxing:
  10. Wow, Lori, thanks for the info- I never noticed the pockets! This is also my first AW and I am loving it! Every time I carry it women go crazy over it. I am now totally obsessed with AW and can't wait to buy my next one!
  11. Just found the two secret pockets in my luggage mini rocco. Thanks, ladies!!!
  12. yay!
  13. wow, i had no idea! i'll have to look at mine.