There's A New Mouse in My House !!

  1. .....or actually a pair of MICE....

    I'm visiting from the "other" forum, (also close to MJ's heart), and thought I would share my first MJ purchase....The Mouse Flats in black. I ordered these, primarily out of curiousity, and when they arrived yesterday from Saks, I couldn't believe how comfortable they were for flats !!! I thought the calf hair would kinda leave me squeamish, especially with those cute (but beady) eyes, but they really are adorable IRL, and they make my (post-preggo) feet look smaller.....
    Anyone else have these, and did the calf-hair hold up ok for you??


    p.s. forgive my ugly feet !!
  2. Very cute~ I don't have any but I just had a baby and may be apt to get them too! LOL!:nuts:
  3. So cute!! I've never seen these IRL but they look great on your feet.:yes: Congrats!
  4. Those are so cute!! Congrats! You wouldn't have a cat in the house by chance?:p
  5. Cute! I don't have these, but have many shoes with either calf or pony hair. I found that if you spray them a bit with hairspray it helps to hold the hair down a bit so that the shoes don't get "bald" spots. Just be sure not to get any of the details (eyes, ears, etc.) and don't go too heavy or else it will become sticky.
  6. Those are adorable!
  7. Those are too cute! And they look great on you (and comfy too!).

    Slightly off topic, for anyone near a MbMJ store, they have these in kids' sizes and are possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.
  8. Cute shoes and there isn't anything wrong with your feet!
  9. Those are soo cute! Congrats on your mice!
  10. Thanks everyone !!!

    And no, I don't have a cat, lol....
    And thanks for the tip re:hairspray....
  11. I looooove them! I want a pair! They are so very precious!!!
  12. :lol: Adorable little mice ^^ Someone in cooper1's avatar is looking a little too longingly at your shoes if you ask me.....:whistle:
  13. I love these shoes! They are so adorable!
  14. They're adorable on you! I don't think your feet look ugly in them at all!
  15. Soooooo cute!!! Question: Are they true to size?