There's a new LV in my!

  1. Sunday for sure...but I am trying to decide:

    I am leaning toward the Perfo Speedy in green (my favorite color), It's an LE so it would eventually disappear. But I already have a Mono Speedy 30, an Ellipse PM (for the handhelds) and a Perfo Pochette and Cles in green.

    But I've also looked at the BV and Damier Papillon 30. I really want a shoulder bag, but not sure if I wear the Papillon using one strap (like the fabulous Nita does) would it put stress on the bag?

    I also LOVE the Noe, however, I'm not a fan of all the vachetta. (same for the Petite Noe -- how did I ever not know this had a vachetta bottom? :confused1:). While I am not hard on my bags, I don't want to baby it either.

    OR do I just wait till 2/1 until the Mini Lin Noe comes out?

    Hmmmmm. Thoughts? Opinions.

    And here's my current collection to give you an idea:
  2. What about a damier azur saleya or if you are set on perfo a perfo mussette?
  3. You have lots of choices! If you love green and are liking the perfo line, why not get that speedy? It will be a collectors item due to its rarity, so even if you grow out of it, you'll be able to resell.

    LouisLovesFendi mentioned a Saleya. That is a great bag too and if you get one big enough it will fit your shoulder, just like you want it to!
  4. Oooh mini lin Noe, that actually sounds nice and I'm not into mini lin BUT-I love the monogram petit noe the best-I can't imagine it getting really dirty where it's a shoulder bag, it's not like you will set it down too much and if you're at a restaurant you can always hang it on the chair. Good luck with your decision!!! :smile:
  5. I would go with the mini lin, so different from anything in your collection.
  6. Oh get the Mini Lin Noe. I'm on the wait list for one too!
  7. Mini lin will be so pretty and much different than the rest of your items!
  8. I'd get the Mini Lin bag for sure :smile:
  9. I too would wait for the mini lin noe....would be a nice/ different addition to your beautiful collection.
  10. I would get the mini lin.
  11. Definitely the Mini Lin Noe! Like others have'll look great in your collection!
  12. I think the Min Lin is going to round out your collections, but you also don't have anything in Vernis.
  13. Green perf speedy, it'd be a stunning threesome! Or if you want to fully step away from mono then the Mini Lin Noe which I'm sure will be cute :biggrin:
  14. speedy....speedy....speedy......speedy
  15. You could get the Green Perfo Speedy to go with your Pochette Accessoires and Pochette Cles, or... you could get a Mini Lin Speedy, or a Saleya PM or Batignolles Horizontal!