There's a long way to go before beating Swanky Mama

  1. But I just realized my post count had jumped 6000!! I must be spending more time on here than I realized, LOL!!

    Actually this is the first forum I joined, and the only one I've stayed on without dropping out...this is a nice place!!
  2. Yeah...who can beat Swanky? Someone with lightning fingers maybe....
  3. LOL!:winkiss:
    Keep 'em coming girl!:rochard:
  4. LOL!
    Swanky camps out here...
    Congrats on your 6000 plus posts.
    I am still working towards my 1000th. ;)
  5. LOL!!! Swanky:supacool: too cool!
  6. Congrats Merika!!! We love having you here!!!

    Swanky is way up there... as is Twinkle Tink and LvBabyDoll!!!
  7. LOL, well we know swanky is super poster extraoridnare!

    Congrats on 6,000 merika! :drinkup: here is to 6,000 more!
  8. Congrats on your 6000 post!
  9. congrats!:tup: it has been a pleasure reading as many of the 6000 as i have....keep em coming!:heart:
  10. merika - I tend to be that way too. I find one place and "park it". This place (thanks Megs and Vlad) is so all encompassing, that it's a keeper for me! I used to hang out at some baby places and a cake decorating place, but I haven't been to those since I found this! LOL

    I just hit 1000, it happens FAST!
  11. Congrats Merika:heart:
  12. Thank you, everyone!!:heart:

    I just realized swanky has almost 25,000 posts....maybe when she hits 25,000 we can throw a party for her? You're up there too, Megs!!!
  13. 6000 sure is no mean feat, well done! :biggrin:
  14. Woo well done, thats quite a collection!
  15. Amazing how fast we all chat and rack up the posts!! I have gone over 3000,and it does'nt seem yesterday I first dipped my toe in here!! Very easy place to spend time in!!
    Congratulations on 6000 posts!!! THAT is no mean feat!!!!
    But Swanky still has the fastest fingers I have ever seen,and a razor wit to go with it as well!!!!!