There's a Ferro Sloane Ann's Fabulous Finds today (12/19)

  1. What is retail on that bag? Does anyone know? Her prices always seem a bit high to me.
  2. ^it's around 2200-2300... not sure exactly though.
  3. I think that this bag goes for $2200 - $2250 retail.
  4. There's a ferro sloane sitting out at the BV in SCP tonight. Also one at the Saks at Mission Viejo.
  5. It's $2250 retail, sans tax. I wonder if AFF bought it from Bluefly when it was $1800 and is selling it new... of course, then she's only be netting $185 on the sale.
  6. Ah I doubt it. I've sold stuff through AFF and think she gets all her bags from people like us.