There's a coffee stain down the front side of my Ergo

Apr 27, 2008
Bleecker Street
Convertible Tote.

Tell me this can be cleaned. :crybaby:

The story: Co-worker and I were walking to the train and rounded the corner. There just happened to be a coffee shop, so Customer was standing on the other side of the corner, in the middle of the walk way, with the coffee cup in one hand and the lid in the other. He shuffled back when he saw us, but apparently there was some coffee "jump-age" since co-worker and I noticed a horrible splatter and trail down my tote.

I wanted to consult with the experts before treating my baby. :crybaby:

Just for reference, I have the tote in mahogony.


Nov 9, 2007
Chicago Burbs
Unfortunately, I had the same issue with my burnt orange ergo satchel. I tried everything I could think of (baby wipes, tide stick, white eraser, apple, mixture of vinegar and water, cleaner from, etc...) with no luck. There are still dark spots from the coffee stains. Since your bag is mahogany, it will probably blend better than mine did.

I just ordered some orange/red leather dye that I found recommended on the boards and I am going to try to use that on the spots to see if it helps. I may just end up re-dying the whole bag. We'll see. I've been so obsessed with the stains (it's my favorite bag) that when DH and I stopped by the outlet and saw the ergo satchel in black patent, my husband told me to buy it b/c the patent would hold up better and he knew how much I loved the style.

Vintage leather just isn't my much as I love the bag, I think I'm going to stick with the less high maintenance leathers in the future.


Jun 14, 2007
Have you tried to clean it with a soft-cloth or baby wipe?

you might also be able to get it out with some leather conditioner/cleaner. I personally love Apple products, but I'm sure there are others. I've been able to get out coffee stains, but this was also shortly after they were there. It might be more difficult once the stain has "absorbed" into the leather.

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Sep 12, 2008
I would suggest simply using a wet paper towel. My son got some Dr. Pepper on my rose ergo satchel the first time I put my things in it. It made a quarter sized stain on it and I was able to wipe the spot down with a wet paper towel. It looked horrible at first because the spot just got bigger and bigger when I cleaned it. Then I watched that spot disappear before my eyes.


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Have you tried the Magic Eraser (Mr.Clean original but others have their versions as well)? I was actually able to get ink off the vachetta leather handles of my LV Alma with this, and it didn't leave a mark.