There's a brand-new Magenta Shoulder at NM-San Francisco!

  1. I was just there this morning and noticed it. It was soooo pretty! Just FYI in case someone is interested!
  2. Hi Kristy - thanks for the report!! Magenta is so pretty...but what do you mean by the "shoulder" style - like the purse?


    or Shrug?
    (photos from ateliernaff)
  3. No, it's actually the Shoulder from the ateliernaff site:

  4. 0o0o0o magenta!!! it will probably get snapped up quickly!!! thanks for the info!!!
  5. It's $695, not on sale unfortunately. The SA said she wasn't sure if it was brand-new or a returned item. But I looked at it inside out and it looked PRIMO! (plus I'm pretty sure NM would never sell anything that's less than perfect)
  6. OOOPS:shame: I'm sorry I missed the "Shoulder" on altiernaff. THANKS for the correction!

    It's cute!!:love:
  7. I've saw that too!! It was there for couple weeks already, someone please grab it :tender:
  8. There is another at the Saks in Boca Raton, FL. Also not on sale.

    I wish you well,