there's 1 ink first left in the nyc shop

  1. at least it was still there when i left about an hour ago...someone, please call daphne & ask her for it!!!

    p.s. the phone # is 212-206-0872
  2. I thought you meant at a train stop!! (fyi: title read NYC stop)

    typos' can be fun.
  3. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. sooooooooooooo, ladies, is anyone gonna snap this one up???...i know it's such a popular style & color :smile: ...i'm hoping some lucky PF member gets it!!!
  5. This is bad. Daphne mailed my Ink Hobo on Monday and I just got it today (drooolin')!......ohhhh nooo temptation....bad (look away and wait for the new colors to come out....)
  6. wow, that daphne is good, huh?!?!...congrats on your new ink!!!
  7. This is my first time I hope you don't mind my many questions. I am looking to purchase my first Bbag soon! Yeah!!! (I just got the okay from my husband :heart:). So I've decided to get the ink first. I just spotted this post and I'm wondering if anyone knows if this bag is still available. I'm going to call them up tomorrow. Also, did anyone take a close look at the bag....I hope it's not too veiny or shiny.

    I've also spotted two ink firsts on Ebay. One is being sold by thompk and the other by hgbags. Thompk seems like a very nice seller, but to be quite honest, I like the look of hgbags Bbag better....but I've read that she had some problems with the authenticity of her bags in the past.

    So which bag would you suggest that I get?....Please help me decide.

    Thank you in advance for all your help and I hope to be a Bbag owner soon!:yes:
  8. Welcome, hobbit!! Wow, it sounds like you've been doing your homework!
    I would suggest you call the NY store first to see if it's still available. If Daphne is not there, then please ask for Joseph. He chose my bags, and they were not veiny or shiny at all...(Hopefully that is still the case with the 1 that is left).
    If it is sold out, you can also check Neiman Marcus, Barneys, or Saks if they have it in stock.
    Since this is your first Bbag purchase, I would suggest going to the stores first rather than Ebay so that you won't have to worry about authentication. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
  9. Hi Hobbit
    I strongly recommend you post any bags you are thinking about getting from ebay in the authenticate this section. Also hgbags has recently sold to one or two of the members authenticate Balenciagas however, there was some issue as to whether or not all of her bags are real.
  10. I bought an ink first from hgbags and it is authentic and gorgeous.

  11. So far I have been helped by Kim when I was in store and a week later I called again and Kim was not there so I placed my order over the phone with Daphne. She was great, picked out a Ink Day for me and even wrote a nice thank you card. So far I have experienced nothing but great service at the Balenciaga store. I think I will hold off with the purchases for awhile, two B-Bags in one month is a little crazy but I had to get that Day. What everyone says is true, the Ink it is a lovely color and such a great bag.
  12. I purchased an ink City from Barneys and I love it! I think it was the last one, though...but they may have received more, since this was a couple of months ago. You might give them a call.

    Given the current situation with fake bags (and REAL stolen photos) on eBay, I would purchase at the store rather than taking chances. There are some legitimate sellers, but the bad are outweighing the good right now, I'm afraid!
  13. hmmmmmmmmmm, i think i might hold off on the ink first from the nyc store was the only one left & it was a bit veiny & shiny (which is how i like 'em :smile:)...if you want the leather to look more matte, i wouldn't get that one :sad:
  14. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all your help and suggestions. I just got off the phone with Joseph at Bal NY. He was sooooo helpful. They actually had 3 ink firsts left and he said that all of then are quite distressed, but medium in shinyness. They had 1 that was less veiny than the I got it!!!!:P I'm soooo happy right now!!!!

    Even with the $70 international shipping (I'm in Canada), the overall price is still less than buying this bag off of I know for sure that I'm getting the real deal.

    I should get this bag next Thurs. or Fri. I'll have to post a picture.

    Thank you again everyone!

    BTW There's still 2 left for anyone interested?