Theres 1 Black Diamond Stich at...

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  1. Yes, if anyone looking for a Black Large Diamond Stitch bag there's one at Chanel /SCP for $1750
  2. Someone should grab it asap! The large DS is gorgeous! If you had said brown I would have been dialing the phone!!

  3. Anyone have a picture of one they can post?? I'm on a ban....:sad:.. but I can dream/wish... or (maybe break it!??:devil:smile:
  4. Love the diamond stitch! I'm spent out right now!
  5. I heard this might be discontinued--anyone know? I'd *have* to buy it, then!
  6. As far as I know this is just a seasonal bag and not permanent to Chanel.
  7. yes! oh! my mom thinks the bag looks too old on me, i beg to differ! i love my DS black small tote! :biggrin:
  8. Ooh, I like the red or brown! Are any other colors still available anywhere or are they all sold out?
  9. Ooh I hope this went to a PFer - I love that ligne and that bag. And wowsers, just looking at the reference library, it's still at '06 prices! What a bargain :p