TheRens small but growing CL collection!!

  1. Gorgeous collection!
  2. Your collection is definitely off to a great start, congrats! :biggrin:
  3. cts900,clothingguru,Stephanie***,CMP86,kjbags Thank you ladies so so much! I have put myself on a ban for now since my bank account isn't loving me right now.
  4. Congrats 3 gorgeous pairs I especially love the black satin slingbacks and your nail polish :nuts: I look forward to seeing your collection
    grow x
  5. Great CL collection, love your coquines.
  6. Once I'm done with School at the begining of June I will uplift my ban..
  7. Love your collection especially the leopard wedges
  8. The perfect start... I can't wait to see new additions as them come. The peanut wedges are just so cute!
  9. Swooning over the black coquines!!! gorgeous!!!
  10. I adore those sacopines and your pedicure in the modeling shot with them is tdf!
  11. LH its actualy minx nails... coolest thing ever!!
  12. Theren, what a lovely collection! I love the mix of shoes you've picked out :smile:
  13. :hugs:Happy to enable on such a fabulous purchase!
  14. Lovely little collection! It might be small now but trust me, it wont be in 6 months :p

    I was so tempted to get those black Coquines but i know the heel height is a little low for me. I sold my pink ones last year. A gorgeous style!
  15. I wanted to start off with the lower heels and work my way up..