"Therefore I'm Art" Tano in Fuschia

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking for second Tano bag to add to my collection. My first is the Sexbomb (which I adore:biggrin:). I was looking at the "Therefore I'm Art" in Fuschia. I think it's really adorable and was wondering if anyone owned one or tried one IRL. TIA :smile:

  2. Anyone out there? lol
  3. Thanks so much beeb! It's quite a lovely bag. I don't know though, I would love to find something similar to the Sex Bomb. Anything fitting that description? BTW, my parents' nickname for me is Beeb!! LOL I don't know how they came up with that but they started it calling me that when I was a little girl and continue to call me that (I'm 36 now haha).
  4. Definitely ask Tano Expert in her thread (stickied at the top of the SF) because she's....well....:P obviously the expert!

    If you like satchels/short drops, maybe this would work? http://www.musthavebag.com/Sister-Style-P231.aspx

    You might like the Immeasurable too, but that was from last year so you'd have to check Bonz or evilBay.

    ETA: Nice nickname! :tup:
  5. Nice-looking color! My first Tano was a Sex Bomb too, and I also adore it. :smile:
  6. I'm seriously thinking about getting this bag in Fuschia! My fav color is pink ; ) I know I shouldn't because I just bought the Sister Style last night, but my gosh, I really want this too!
  7. I really like the looks of that fuschia color. It looks subdued and beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous bag!!
  9. Ugh!!! I can't decide on what style I want to get now in Fuschia. I have been doing some online checking and found the Mix Master in the same color. I wish I could see these IRL :shucks:
  10. What would you pick??

    tano.jpg tano1.jpg
  11. The Therefore I'm Art is boogie-ish in shape from what I remember when I had mine before I returned it....it has one zipper pocket on the back....where the MixMaster has 3 pockets on the front according to MHB...

    They look about the same size...so I guess it gets down to what your prefer....the straps on the side for a boogie-ish effect, and one pocket or a cleaner look (as it appears, I have never seen this bag IRL) and 3 pockets?

    Also...which one is your gut leaning towards?? I always follow my gut if it leads me back to one bag over and over...
  12. I went back and looked at the Bison Mix Master this week. It's a very pretty bag, and I had intended to buy it. After trying it on, and putting my stuff in it, I decided that the strap would be too slippy for me and not stay on my non-existent shoulders. Also, two of the zippers on the front are plastic, the bottom pocket being very small. It's a big bag, and wide at the bottom. I still do like the style very much though. So, that's the opinion of someone who's seen it in person.


  13. Those are so pretty, they look like a pretty raspberry shade! I would pick the first, I like that it has the zipper pocket but doesn't poof out.

  14. Thanks for input ladies! Joan, I have non-existent shoulders too, so that wouldn't work out too good for me. And Deb, my gut is saying "GO for the Therefore I'm Art" lol

    I hope the gunmetal Boogie doesn't slip off my shoulder!! Guess I'll find out on Monday : )