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  1. I discovered TRR had made some price adjustments to some of their HERMES bags .. not sure about other brands though. I was 'watching' one of the B25s and it went up by US$1k.
  2. I beg to differ . All of my authentic high end shoes have been priced very low on the site and they are most definitely not fake. They price many items low in order to sell quickly -my items with higher price tags have been sitting still forever.
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  4. So now that TRR is no longer reliable, what are the good, reliable secondhand websites you still trust?
  5. FASHIONPHILE- They accept returns, the packaging is cute (they don’t just throw your item in a box with no padding) and they have 60 day layaway. AND, the items described as Very Good are usually in Excellent condition.
  6. I always have good luck with Ann's Fabulous Finds. Not the cheapest, but great service. And the pictures and descriptions are accurate.
  7. Ooh, thanks for the tip!
  8. Reeeeaaaalllly wish I would have read this before making a purchase again.... guess I'll be heading straight to the "authenticate this Bal" thread upon receipt.... now I have bad butterflies.
  9. Don't lose sleep over it, I've purchased more good than bad from TRR.
  10. Ditto.
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  11. The first purchase I made was awesome. I'll still have you guys take a look when i get it, you have never steered me wrong!
  12. Me too. I've gotten some great stuff from there, all authentic.
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  13. I found that they adjusted price on some certain catagories like ties from around September last year, down by 25% almost all the items, even Hermes ties!

    Also they sometimes misdescribed item...used instead "no visible sign of using"as they described! I don't like this at all...:annoyed:

    One more stuff I hate recently, sometimes they have the promotion plan buy XXX and get XXX credit. It happened twice right after I purchased. I am a bit angry that I didn't get the credit so I wrote to them. They wrote me blah blah blah and claimed I was not qualified to get the credit. I will shop less on this stupid webiste. Once it goes IPO I think it's time to cease shopping here.
  14. They also keep changing consignment terms.

    That being said. I just got a package from them which solved my ‘what am I going to wear at my client meeting tomorrow’ question. $360 NWT Helmut Lang pants for $52 is something I can get behind.
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