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  1. I emailed TRR once asking for additional photos of a Saint Laurent sac de jour because the description was vague ("multitonal hardware") and the photo of the middle zipper was blurry. CS responded that they couldn't provide additional photos because the item was off-site. This is disturbing because it looks like they use the same photo of the zippered middle pouch in several of their listings for black sac de jours. Some of the photos where the model is holding the bag look photoshopped too... like they use the same model photo and layer on a photo of the bag so it looks like it's in the crook of her arm or on her shoulder.
  2. I purchased a mink coat form TRR because it says “Excellent condition, no sign of wear” & was size small. When I received it, it showed plenty of wear & was European size 44 which is like L/XL. I returned it on the same day but I believe I still get charged for return shipping. I think it’s 50/50 chance of getting something nice on that site.
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  3. I remain amazed that anybody can take the leap of faith required to spend more than a hundred bucks or so for anything on TRR that can’t be returned... especially handbags for which they are asking many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Redacting the code numbers was the absolute last straw for me. 4-5 blurry pictures, no code, their unsubstantiated promise of authenticity, and no returns... absolutely NO WAY.
  4. Update: the bag was authenticated in the Auth this Chanel forum, thankfully. Good news but still annoying that they didn't give any info about the serial. I probably won't shop with them in the future just because of the uncertainty.
  5. Sharing some of my experiences as a buyer:

    - pricing varies wildly. No consistency at all. Probably reflects the high amount of staff they have conducting the appraisals and pricing, who don’t have sufficient expertise.

    - chances are that from our experience, we know more about the brands we use and about accurately describing / authenticating them than they do. I would not buy unless it was something I feel confident in my ability to authenticate. I had to correct / educate their staff to explain why info provided was wrong. They have too much inventory to be accurate every time, and probably too many staff for everyone to share the level of expertise that we have. I don’t trust them to authenticate at all.

    - even if it says no returns, they will accept a return and refund shipping both ways if the description is off

    - most of the time the descriptions have been accurate for me, but I have had several issues with odor. I keep the item closed in a garment bag with dryer sheets for a while and that helps. One smelled of strong perfume which of course was not disclosed. One bag had a lot of color transfer which was not disclosed or visible in the photo but they offered to accept the return and refund it.

    - the sizing description is sometimes based on standard sizing and not the actual tag on the item. This is common practice with vintage sellers because sizing standards vary over time, and sizes then and now with the same number can be completely different measurements, so the numbers can be meaningless.
  6. They DO photoshop the model shots. Then again, most online retailers do to some extent. Too much volume to shoot pieces individually.
  7. agree. they have become much more risky now that they had to take out codes/serial pics for all bags. pretty sure that is due to the ongoing lawsuit. but, with just 4 or 5 horrid pictures and no date codes, it's not worth it anymore. their return policy is bad, their reputation isn't all that great. they have low prices on many top brands but you take a huge risk. i just recently purchased a Longchamp, described as good, and the photos showed it to be ok. when it arrived it was in very bad condition. i called, and the woman said that good = horrible condition and is the lowest rank. i had no idea. and they charged 11.95 return shipping when i paid it myself for $5.95. just a bunch of dopes running that company imo
  8. My last order from TRR all items were fake. I send them back and they are back on the site right away. I don’t trust TRR These are the fake Jimmy’s available again for their next victim
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  9. You can always file a claim with your credit card company if TRR is unwilling to cooperate. The low prices are for fakes. Any luxury brand shoes in good condition with a starting price $125 or less are fakes, I spotted plenty!
  10. If you didn’t use their shipping label, let them know of the error and they will issue a refund.
  11. I have made quite a few purchases on this site... luckily only one being a big ticket purchase and unfortunately it misrepresented in the description. The item was described as a Chanel double flap and a single flap arrived
    Living in Canada however I had to pre pay duty and taxes to initially receive the bag which are a nightmare to try and recover afterwards. I wasn’t happy and dug my heels in... wouldn’t let it go!!!!! They covered everything .... all shipping... all duty and taxes!! This was two years ago ... but I did learn a valuable lesson ... I won’t buy a big ticket item again unless I know forsure. I do like their site if I know exactly what I am looking for
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  12. Just a strange question...has The RealReal shopping link been removed from the Support TPF by Shopping Via below here....Im sure it used to be there...or have I been imagining things all this time...I dont really want to go into 2019 already crazy.
  13. I agree- TRR has been ok for me with small $ items. When I’ve run into trouble, it’s invariably been on a big ticket item. What’s weird is that you’d think they’d be the most careful on the more expensive items.
  14. That’s too bad
  15. In my one experience they were okay. It sounds like I was an oddity. I still look on that site on a regular basis as I have found a ton of amazing things at amazing prices even with our bad dollar exchange from US to Canadian...JMO