TheRealReal - Opinions?

  1. That actually happened to me as well last month! I was so upset. Luckily, the shoes turned up again in a future sale, as I guess someone else returned them (so I bought them again), but therealreal had no explanation for what went awry the initial time, aside from that they have glitches with safari...fingers crossed your order turns up!
  2. I'm so pissed with them right now. I contacted customer service by phone voicemail and email. They didn't respond for 3 days. When I finally got them on the phone they said there had been a delay getting it shipped from the warehouse in NY. THEN...there would be more delay due to the hurricane floodwater. I was assured that my item wasn't damaged. But really?!?!? You didn't mail my item for 13 days BEFORE the hurricane hit, you can't tell me why, but I should "rest assured the blazer will arrive in 1 or 2 days after it leaves the warehouse" This has been a HORRIBLE experience. They schmooze consignors and ignore their customers. I should've heeded the bad reviews on Yelp. It sucks that you all seem to have good experiences, but I was terribly disappointed.
  3. I've bought quite a few items from them and all but one transaction was exactly as stated. Only one Ann Demeulemeester sweater was more worn than stated - it was also alot bigger than stated. I couldn't return it as I bought it on sale but therealreal stated that I could consign the sweater with them. So in all, I've enjoyed buying from them
  4. I have had a difficult time with them as a buyer: their description of a bag was way off, and also as a seller, very poor communication about pricing and receipt of items in their warehouse. It also takes about 6-7 weeks to get paid after an item sells. I would not use them again.
  5. Good to know! I've debated selling with them since theyll come pick up in NYC, but wondered about the success of the process vs. just using a local consignor or listing on eBay myself...

    Do they give you a receipt indicating how much they sold your item for (i.e. so you know that you got your fair proportion of the sale? I've heard about local consignors ripping people off and selling things for much higher than they tell the owner of the item they sold)..
  6. Also, they're based in the Bay Area and we moved to NYC from SF - surprised they aren't better from just the you being local standpoint! :sad:
  7. They do give you a receipt when they send you the check but you can also check your realreal account to see what percentage you are getting of the sale.
  8. Does anyone have a current code? Please?!
  9. i have found many fakes on their website so i would be careful
  10. I have purchased a Gryphon silk dress with tags for less than half new price, Louboutin cork high heel platforms for under $300 (no box) used but very good condition, a Chanel beige pouchette for half the new price (came with box and all original tags, like new), brand new with tag/box Philip Lim sunglasses $50, Tracy Reese shoes for $50, Missoni poncho like new and pucci scarf all for under $100 ea. Prices are great, everything as described. Customer service very helpful and patient. They did "lose"/cancel a dress I ordered (and loved :sad: )as they were switching to a new inventory system and it had not carried over as already 'sold'. But they gave me a nice credit for my disappointment.
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    You can join using this link

    And you can get $25 off until Dec 14 or 15th (I don't recall) using code REFER26
  12. I bought an awesome Versece dress on that site a few months ago!
    Love the site, prices are low..sellers dont make much.
  13. I recently purchased a fake Balenciaga handbag from I had it authenticated here and it came back as fake...So far they have handled it quickly and emailed me a free return shipping label. They are also reimbursing me for shipping as well as the bag. I sent the bag back on the 12th so we will see how quickly they give me my money back. I will keep you guys updated if it ends up being a difficult process...Sadly, I will not be purchasing from the real real again.
  14. Please do keep us updated as to the difficulty of the return! I recently bought another bal on there (usually buy from bal boutiques or after authenticating on TPF from online auctions), but realreal doesn't post the photos necessary to authenticate. Now I'm living in London so will have to have someone ship the bag abroad, and THEN I'll get it authenticated on here-so if it's fake it will already be quite a process. Would love to hear its at least quick if domestic!

    I've heard of a lot of fakes on realreal-many people seem to fail to understand the "if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't"...the bag I got wasn't that discounted, so fingers crossed (but anticipating the worst).

    Hope your refund goes smoothly!
  15. How disappointing!!! Good thing you had it authenticated and didn't take their word for it.