TheRealReal - Opinions?

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  1. I have a bunch of designer preowned apparel items that are not selling on ebay...wondering if anyone has had any luck with give 60% of the selling price, but I am not sure if they get any web traffic or not.
  2. Hi everyone! Please let me know if I've posted this in the wrong thread.

    I wanted to know if anyone has ever purchased anything from the website - it appears that some of the items have "condition" in the description so I'm assuming they're previously owned. Has anyone bought any of these items? Were they exactly as described? Did they come with the box?

    I just want some more information about this site as I'm interested in buying some stuff.

    Thoughts? :smile:
  3. A couple of weeks ago I bought a pumpkin color suede Ralph Lauren Collection purse with fringe all over it and a soft braided handle (my first purchase from them). Under the section called condition it was deemed excellent/used and they stated they didn't have any tags, cards, storage sack etc. I have noticed some bags are noted fair condition and so on. I think there's a section on their site that notes how they assess the condition. I got the bag for $225 (it was $1195 retail) and it is FABULOUS! Frankly, it doesn't look like the prior owner even used it at alll; it looks and smells new. The shipping was fast and they wrapped the item beautifully. I was super happy and will shop with them again. I should note I am super picky and don't buy many used bags or other things.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! This was really helpful!!! Can't thank you enough. :smile:
  5. My pleasure! If you have your eye on something I would go for it! I think they have really super deals. I bought another bag from them just this a.m. in their purse sale, it's a Prada that they also deem Excellent condition. If it's half as good as the other bag I will be thrilled! :smile: I have to stay off that site for a while now, it's trouble for the wallet :graucho:
  6. I purchased a jil sander cashmere coat for $105 that was deemed to be in "excellent" condition - it's perfect! smells and feels brand new :smile: I'll definitely be buying from them again.
  7. I just made a purchase from them earlier this week so I'm looking forward to seeing in the condition stated (excellent) lives up to its claim.
  8. Has anyone else had a problem with The Real Real? I have found that on every high designer sale, their servers can not handle the volume and the sale in either removed, like today's Bottega sale that was to begin at 10am est, or inaccessible. I am not holding my breath that they will be able to deliver on the upcoming sales.

  9. The BV sale was pulled 5 minutes before it was scheduled to begin after being heavily advertised. Same thing happened with Chanel on Saturday
  10. Yes, last Fridays handbag sale was inaccessible. They need a technology overhaul!
  11. They emailed a $20 off coupon to me yesterday because the sale couldn't be accessed.
  12. UPDATE - received my item and it was brand new. A pair of shoes that looked new on the site and sure enough, were new and authentic when received. Nice!
  13. This is a consignment store so many of their items will be per-owned. I have no yet purchased anything but I look every day, and most of the things I like get snatched up the second the sale starts, but I'm sure ill buy from them soon!
  14. Seems like we are virtual shopping together again Pao! I am enjoying this site too....Ebate10 will take 10% off total. No certain when it expires but it was still working yesterday:smile:
  15. Purchased 2 pairs of Tod's loafers in amazing condition!

    Purchased a gold Chanel flap in ok condition. It didn't come with auth cards, dustbag or box. :sad: