There was an old and new style for the Zip Wallet?

I was at the LV store and looking at the Mandarin wallet with zip. However, today I found "almost the same" wallet on ebay

eBay: Louis Vuitton - Auth. Epi Mandarin Tresor Wallet - NR!! (item 320059080915 end time Dec-11-06 15:47:56 PST)

The pocket slots are different. The one I saw at the LV store did not have any flap at the very back and also had no credit card holder on the top. However, on the ebay auction, you can see these are available.

Was the Mandarin wallet ever made in both the old and new style? If they really had the new style, then I would love it, but if not, I don't care for the old style :sad:
The one on eLux is a short wallet similar to the french wallet without the kiss lock.

Think the one on eBay is the older version. I have see that model in production way over a decada ago.