There WAS a Foresta Zucca on Ebay

Sep 12, 2006
No prob dreamsoftoki!! Glad to help a friend out! It was way worth it cuz there was a girl on lj or here (i forgot) that ordered hers from that one japanese site (that only ships within japan) and had another company be the middleperson to pick it up for her and then ship it here. with conversion fees, double shipping fees, and stuff, her zucca came out to be almost 300! So urs was a great deal and you know exactly what it looks like! Congrats girl!


Collector w/issues.
Mar 23, 2007
Omg, congrats dreamsoftoki! I just posted it under the toki deals thread! Wow, very very nice! I wish I wasnt broke, then I would of purchased it!

Dawn! Ur supposed to be on a ban!!! Ur too cute! hahah

haha that bag would have been worth the debt on a credit card!

The one time I'm not stalking ebay while at home doing work! THE ONE TIME, haha...It's okay. I have a l'amore bambinone coming from California next week :smile: