There seems to be some confusion if Keepalls's come with a dustbag

  1. I just received my 55 with strap and it did indeed come with a very nice large dustbag. just wanted to let everyone know:tup:
  2. I have the same bag and it didn't come with a dustbag!
  3. I got one for my 50
  4. Mike and Sphere...did you both order yours from elux? Thanks!
  5. one of my MC keepalls came with dust bag, the second did not.
  6. I have the keepall 55 that i purchased 2 years ago and it didn't come with the dustbag.
  7. Keepalls don't usually come with dustbags. I was able to get one because I asked my SA for one.
  8. Mine (50) came with dustbag - and I haven't asked for one.... I guess it depends on the SA???
  9. I ordered mine from elux. It just came with one. Here is a pic of it..

    it's inside that! pretty good !
  10. my 55 didn't come with one :cry:
  11. WTF, i have a 45 and i want a dustbag! mine didn't come with one!
  12. All the one's I have ever purchased have come with them. :shrugs:
  13. Although I dont actually own one. Every one I was asked to see in the boutique has been brought out with a dustcover.
  14. My 55 came with one but the dust rip.
  15. I didn't get one with mine when I got it about 2 years ago, but my Amarante Pegase came with one. I'm thinking they may have made larger dustbags recently.