There seems to be a lot of Authentic BBags on ebay...

  1. but no bids .... how come :confused1:

    Expecially the two Rose Twiggys :shrugs: Thought they would go fast...

    Just curious!
  2. First guess that comes to mind is some of us may be broke!:lol:
  3. Yes! That's definitely me. LOL.
  4. too many b-bags, too little $!!
  5. :lol: :lol:
    I was thinking that!!

    Also wondered if some of the prices were a little high :confused1:
  6. Maybe, too high for the bags that you can still get for retail in the stores. Past colors are sold out so they will usually go at a higher price but how high is up to the buyers. With the new spring colors coming people may not be willing to pay a lot more for older bags.
  7. That's what I'm thinking.. people are more excited about the next release of colors than the past few, so they're passing on even the older, hard to find bags. Plus, so many of the bags are starting with such high prices that it can be a turn off. Not that I blame the sellers, but...

    Then again.. that seller with the gorgeous Pistachio Twiggy couldn't give it away at $850 in the end. Crazy!

    The fairly-close-to-retail older bags ARE selling. I saw that gorgeous Orange City go last night for $1275 within minutes of being listed! I guess it just depends.... but yeah, I've been really surprised at some of the bags that haven't sold.
  8. i agree with glimmer, the bags are starting wich such high prices, and the next release of colors coming soon.
  9. Gues everyone is waiting for the new colors and not wanting to buy the "older" stuff...I love alot of the bags on ebay right now...BUT I personally dont consider them unless theres a make an offer option. Many have the starting bids too high. The whole idea of an auction is the thrill of the bidding. I think starting off high ruins the "game" kind of....jmho.
  10. Again, another vote for the starting bids. There are a few bags on Ebay that have caught my eye but I will hold out for a "fair" price.
  11. I totally agree with you.:yes: I do like a lot of Bbags that are on ebay right now too but i hesitate to bid on them because the prices are too high :sad: and also i keep telling myself i should wait for Spring colors to come out.
  12. I am looking but first have to sell mine before I can bid on others. I've seen a few myself that I like but money needs to come in before it can get out again!:P
  13. Some of us have spent ourselves into oblivion in a very short period of time (guess who?). I'd still buy Bbags on ebay right now, but I'm looking for the cannot-be-missed deals. Now I'm hunting for deeeeeeeep discounts and the freak finds.
  14. I was thinking the same thing many gorgeous and rare bags on ebay these days..a few months ago I was searching for these bags but they were nowhere to be found :s
    I agree with everyone else that the starting prices are a bit high especially when all these lovely colours are coming out in a few months
  15. Exactly!!!:yes: