there seem to be a lot of marc jacobs discounts...

  1. ...on various websites. Can someone tell me if there are any authentic internet options where I can find a marc jacobs discounted? Other than bluefly, eluxury, etc.

    I'm loving the mulit-pocket and the blake, although I wonder how much you can really hold in the blake. Thoughts?
  2. besides bluefly and sales on elux/nm/Saks, i don't know of a good discount source (and believe me, i want an mj elise, i've looked on basically every reliable website out there). has discount codes for fashion and beauty websites (i know there's a code for 10% off at Saks), so find reliable websites and try to get your discount through a coupon code, i'd say.

    also, the blake holds more than the multipocket - it's got two zippered compartments and and open compartment between them, plus the buckle pockets. it's a great everyday bag and you should be able to fit everything in it.
  3. I have a multi-pocket and a Blake. The small multi-pocket isn't as practical to me--I wish I'd gotten the larger one, but they didn't have it in the color I wanted when I bought it. It's still a cute purse though--either size.

    The Blake is the BEST. It's got the three compartments--two zipper and inner--and the two pockets. You can put a lot in it AND stay organized. And it fits on your shoulder or looks great on your arm. Between the multi-pocket and the Blake, I recommend the Blake, but it is a little more "structured" look.