There is water in my basement!!

  1. Its been raining heavily here in Maryland. I just went down to the basement and I heard the sound of dripping water. I unscrewed the vent and there is about an inch of standing water in the space. I don't know where its coming from. I peered into the space with my flashlight and all I see on the other side is metal.

    Anyone been through anything like this?? This completely sucks. I will call the plumber tomorrow morning:sad: .
  2. Oh man! I'm sorry, what a PITA :sad:
  3. Oh no that's awful! My grandmother's basement used to flood, but they put a pump down there and now no more flooding. I'm in MD too and I'm really thinking of buying a boat and floating my way to dry land.
  4. Oh no. I hope it's nothing too serious and the plumber is able to fix it easily.
  5. Im sorry =( basement used to flood all the time..its a pain to clean up =(..hope it gets fixed fast!.
  6. Well, the positive thing is that it is somewhat confined to one area...
  7. It's coming up from the ground cause the water level is going up. It's going to happen here tomorrow and thursday (I'm in PA right now). I have to call BF tonight and remind him to go see the basement tonight (he's in MD).
  8. P.S. I hope there's not a lot of stuff in your basement that is getting damaged.
  9. The water is dripping into a boxed in metal area but is seeping into the storage room. There is concrete on the storage room floor so I'm kind of safe. I have very few items in that particular storage room. What I did was put a tupperware container under the drip... The drip is quite slow but obviously accumulating; I guess because its been raining since the latter part of last week.

    For all you Northeasterners: this constant rain is a b:censor: h isn't it?
  10. When I used to live in MD and worked in insurance, if I remember correctly, people used to refer to buying sump pumps all the time I believe. I think it's a portable type of pump if your basement continues to flood. I would call a hardware store like lowes or such and inquire if those problems persist in the future for you.
    I hope they don't and this is just an isolated occurrence.
  11. My mom's basement flooded the first year she lived in her house... now there are two sump pumps, a normal one and then a back up that runs on a marine battery so if the power goes out you're still OK. Never had a problem since.

    Luckily you won't be losing anything in your storage! And since it is confined it won't be too much of a pain to clean up. I hope it doesn't get any worse... good luck surviving the rain!
  12. Okay, so I have a sump pump in that particular storage room but I guess it has not kicked in because the water is confined to one corner and the sump pump is in the opposite corner. Right???
  13. Oh, OK, so the whole basement isn't flooded. Sorry, I didn't see that when I answered before. That's why it hasn't started up, you're correct. You have confined it to the corner, to stop further damage, so it hasn't started up. I am not sure if there are setting you can preset to say how much water needs to be present before it will start but that's it I'm sure. But it's good you have one, so that if the water got to a certain level, it should automatically start pumping the water out of the basement. :flowers:
  14. I hope you won't get too much water there than that. I saw the news reports at some homes here and the water is 3 -4 feet in their basement.
  15. Just take a portable pump (or submersable pump) and set it in the location of the water, run a hose from the pump to the outside, through a window or something, 10 feet or so away from the house and let it pump away. Leave it 10 or so feet away that way it doesn't just seep back into the house and you continue to pump the same water in and out all day long. I'm not sure what vent it is you're talking about, in the floor?? in the side of the wall?? Take a picture and it'd be easier to help you out.