There is something VERY sketchy going on here!!


    Look at the aucitons by this user. Looks great, right? Great pictures, perfect feedback, etc.

    Well, look at all the previous buyers and sellers of this person as well as THEIR feedback history. Notice anything? How about the EXACTLY SAME DESCRIPTIONS, PHOTOS, ETC??

    Looks like this person has numerous identities and just buys/sells off themselves. I can see this happening once or twice but every transaction that is Gucci (most of the person's history, in fact)? Hmm.

    I was almost going to bid but this seems very VERY shady to me. :yucky:
  2. They have feedback from 1 cent auctions also. That is a way for sellers to get more feedback fast and usually so they look like a good seller. This is a super shady thing and I don't trust anyone with this type of feedback. The sellers bags are all horrible fakes also. The prices are a giveaway also. Stay clear of this one.... :yucky:
  3. This is called shill bidding - against eBay policy and should be reported...

    Shill Bidding
  4. Hmmm - those are also stock photos
    I would never spend that much on a bag from someone without lots of FB
  5. Ugh yeah. I'm sure they'll be caught and suspended soon. :rolleyes: :yucky: