There is seriously something wrong with me

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  1. It's 2AM, I have work tomorrow at 8:30AM, and here I am reading threads about bags. Doesn't sound too bad, until you consider the fact that i'm a guy. W.T.F. I think i need therapy...I can't even use this stuff for crying out loud...well the wallets, yes, but hell no to man purses. Help.
  2. There's a couple of nice Messenger bags if you look around. ;P

    Ever thought of a Abbess, Bastille or Damier Geant? *LOL*

    P.S. We've got quite a couple of guys in the forum too, don't feel too bad and welcome~
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Join the club... join the club!!
  4. :roflmfao: oh HONEY, there's something seriously wrong with all of us!!. :yes:

    it's much nicer to be crazy in a group you know...its true. welcome to the club! :party:
  5. LMAO!There are other guys here too so no have come to the right place!There are plenty of bags that are great for guys dont think you are silly...share our forum and have fun..there is a great group of gals here..WELCOME!
  6. Ah, bitten by the bug, are we? :lol: Please, don't be embarrassed. Indeed, we're all a bit off our rockers in here :lol: ..., but boy do we know (and love) handbags...all shapes, colors, styles...they're mesmerizing! Come on in, the water's fine...and there's plenty of room in this pool for everybody :smile: .
  7. we have all done that :biggrin:
  8. lol, no worry, you are not crazy. This place is fun and there are lots of nice guys and gals here. Welcome!
  9. This is the last thing I look at at night and I say I'm crazy for doing it everytime.
  10. Honey, forget about the Alpha Male, you're my DREAM man! If all the men are like you (i.e. share our appreciation of 'shallow excesses':lol:) then this world will be a much better place!
  11. Think of handbags as a work of art. You simply appreciate the "beauty and expression of the human skill and emotion".

    There you go. Hope you feel better now!:smile:
  12. so true! :yes:
  13. Marly, well put! And welcome Krazy007! Admitting is the first step...
  14. Will you marry me?? LOL I wish my husband would get on here and get addicted!
  15. :lol: Maybe, just maybe this is exactly what he was looking to hear. Sounds like he wants a little female companion and believes this is the place to get it!!:graucho: :lol: